RightParty Connect Algorithm

Quality data appending is about more than just finding as many matches as possible – you want to make sure that the data you’re paying for actually relates to the person on your list.

AccuConnect’s proprietary RightParty Connect algorithm uses multi-point identity verification to ensure that you don’t just get a phone number for a “John Smith” – you get the phone number for the “John Smith” in your list.


Ridiculously Simple File Processing

Email or upload your data file and we will match, process and append matched phone numbers before returning your appended file back to you in as little as a few minutes.


The best data with the best support

All Accurate Append products are backed by an experienced team of experts who are passionate about helping our customers get the very most out of our products.


Easy Implementation with Great Support

Our AccuValidate web service allows customers to make validation queries in real time. Our well-documented HTTP and HTTPS SOAP protocol gives you the ultimate flexibility for integrating lead validation into your workflow.

Data usage is automatically logged for billing and is available upon request for your reference and review.

Our data experts are available to answer your technical questions and help you best integrate our software into your systems.

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Email Append

Find and append guaranteed-deliverable email addresses to your list.

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Lead Validation

Validate, verify and score leads in real time.

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