Real Person Verification

Don’t settle for simple data verification – leveraging the Accurate Append proprietary database containing over 2.5 billion records for over 240 million people, AccuValidate does more than just tell you whether the email address is valid or the address has the right zip code – it cross-references this information to tell you whether it’s a real person submitting the lead.


Real Time Email Verification Technology

Identify non-existent, invalid or expired email addresses using advanced SMTP verification technology that will contact the email host’s server and determine whether the address is active and receiving mail.

Multi-Point Data Validation

  • Name

    Our name validation service parses even single-field data into the components that matter to you: full name, including profanity and fraudulent flags, gender and age. The end result? The highest level of name validation success in the industry.

  • Address

    Our address service instantly CASS standardizes your input postal addresses into a common USPS recognized format. Know right away whether or not the address is an actual, successful delivery point (DPV). Our data engines will even correct errors in address data where possible.

  • Phone

    Our telephone service alleviates one of your biggest sources of validation headaches: bad phone numbers. Finally, instantly verify phone numbers as legitimate, identified by line type (mobile or land line) and, where possible, confirmed as connected.

  • Email Address

    No more guessing on deliverability, our email validation verifies deliverability, identifies spam traps, and eliminates bounces all while improving your inbox placement rates.

  • IP

    Our IP intelligence web service provides valuable geographical knowledge about your leads. Identifying potentially fraudulent leads with location, ISP, user type and additional information where available.

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  • Composite

    Our composite option verifies data using a combination of all of the above methods: name, address, phone, IP, and email address, and neatly returns to you a stacked object view for each record.

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Email Append

Find and append guaranteed-deliverable email addresses to your list.

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Phone Append

Find and append the most up-to-date and reliable phone records to your list.

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