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Eliminate Bad Leads
With Lead Validation

Nothing makes up for lost resources spent chasing a false lead. Accurate Append will help you reliably validate all of your lead’s contact info.

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Lead enhancement fills in missing data fields.
Guranteed mailing list cleaning

Multi-Point Data Validation

Accurate Append validates 5 critical data points; name, address, phone number, email and IP address.

Best lead validation and lead verification service.

The Best Way to Ensure Lead Authenticity

Accurate Append's lead validation is the most definitive tool available to solve the number one problem on-line lead collection companies have – “is my lead good or bad?” Accurate Append will provide the answer in the form of actionable data in a matter of milliseconds.

Real-time lead enhancement services

Amazing Support From Our Experts

All Accurate Append products are backed by our experienced team of experts who are passionate about helping our customers get the very most out of our products.

Lead Validation & Enhancement Solutions

All solutions listed below are automated and available 24/7/365 as a Batch Service or API.

Email Append

Append verified deliverable email addresses in real time with AccuSend email append.

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Phone Append

Append quality phone numbers in real time with AccuConnect phone append.

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Demographic Append

Use our demographic append API to enhance your database with demographic attributes.

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Email Verification

Reduce bounces. Verify your email addresses, in real time, before you send.

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Lead Validation

Validate, verify, score and enhance leads in real time. Enhance your leads with fresh emails and phone numbers.

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Add postal address, email address, phone number and demographic attributes to as little as a name, city, state.

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Custom Solutions

After working with a number of different companies in a multitude of industries to identify their unique challenges we have successfully created a number of customized solutions. We understand that every company’s challenges are unique, so give us a call to see how our data can go to work for you.

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Ease of Integration

Integration is easy with RESTful architecture, full documenation and codes samples.

Works With Any Platform

Cloud based RESTful interface can be accessed from anywhere using any platform that supports HTTP.

Fast & Reliable

With the highest possible uptime and fastest response times the service will always be available when you need it.

Data From The Best Sources

We combine the best available public data with curated, proprietary databases to give you the best, most reliable data possible.

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