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Eliminate Bad Leads
With Lead Validation

Nothing makes up for lost resources spent chasing a false lead. Accurate Append will help you reliably validate all of your lead’s contact info in as little as a few minutes.


“It is very simple to process files, they’re back within
minutes. I always get what I order.”

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Lead enhancement fills in missing data fields.
Guranteed mailing list cleaning

Multi-Point Data Validation

Improve employee morale by scoring your leads on 5 critical data points and increase efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Accurate Append will validate name, email, phone number, address and IP address.

Best lead validation and lead verification service.

The Best Way to Ensure Lead Authenticity

Accurate Append's lead validation is the most definitive tool available to solve the number one problem on-line lead collection companies have – “is my lead good or bad?” Accurate Append will provide the answer in the form of actionable data in a matter of milliseconds.

Real-time lead enhancement services

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All Accurate Append products are backed by our experienced team of experts who are passionate about helping our customers get the very most out of our products.

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Lead Validation - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I integrate Lead Validation with my online form submissions?

We have a detailed integration document that specifies step by step instructions for easy integration. In short, we adhere to the SOAP protocol and accommodate HTTPS POST and GET requests.

Can Lead Validation tell me if a phone is landline or mobile?

Our Lead Validation will denote the original line type the phone number was provisioned for, be it landline or mobile.

Can Lead Validation determine if the email address the lead provided is legitimate?

Not only can we denote whether or not the email is legitimate, but we can also verify the deliverability status in real time to let you know whether that email address is active and able to receive mail.

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