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Increase Deliverability With Email Verification

Email verification allows you to verify your email addresses before you send to increase the success and deliverability of your email campaign.

Identify hard bounces with email validation

Reduce Hard Bounces and Identify Spam Traps

Our email verification service verifies email deliverability in real-time using the latest advancements in SMTP verification. It also identifies most spam traps and complainers to further improve your email campaigns.

Append verified emails with email append services

Append New Verified Emails

Accurate Append can search for a new verified email address to replace any existing email addresses in your list verified as undeliverable. All in one easy step when combined with our email verification service!

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All Accurate Append products are backed by our experienced team of experts who are passionate about helping our customers get the very most out of our products.

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Email Verification- Frequently Asked Questions

Does your email verification service work with Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and others?

Yes, our email verification service works with all providers and will reduce bounce rates by up to 95%. It's important to note that Mail Chimp and others use many factors other than bounce rate to determine if they will allow a list to be broadcast through their system.

Does your verification service send an email to the recipients in my list?:

No, our service pings the ISP and verifies the deliverability status without contacting the recipient.

Can your email verification service verify email addresses in my account?

Yes, you can verify your email addresses directly in your Nation without importing or exporting using out NationBuilder app. Our email verification service is frequently recommended by NationBuilder organizers.

Can you append another email address if the recipient's email address is bad?

Yes, our email append service can be used in conjunction with our email verification service and can append a new email address where the input email address cannot be verified.

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