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The most responsive and affordable contact data enhancement and append services.

“Our team brings over 40 years of data-processing experience together with an unparalleled commitment to helping our customers get the best possible return on their data.”

- Chris Nichols, Founder & CEO

What Do You Need?

Verified Email Addresses

We take your customer list, and give it back to you with hihg-quality, verified email addresses added..

Updated Phone Numbers

Add quality, daily-updated, land line and mobile phone numbers to your existing list.

Lead Validation

Improve the quality of your leads by validating, verifying and scoring leads in real time.

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We work with you to provide specified data solutions to fit your company’s needs. Services include custom API and batch service development.

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What makes us different


    Sick of the same old sales script from yet another call-center representative. Call us and talk to an experienced data processing expert who can help you decide on the best solution for your needs.


    Appending your data has never been easier. Our automated file processing can take virtually any list - no matter the size or data-structure - process, match and then return it to you in as little as a minute. No tedious reformatting or costly programming required!


    Accurate Append is not a data-reseller. We combine the best available public data with curated, proprietary databases to give you the best, most reliable match possible.

The most accurate contact data - Customized to your needs - With a quick turnaround.

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